Our Story

What started as a one time fundraiser became an entire lifelong dream!

In December 2020, my husband and I decided to do a fundraiser initiative to help other's in our community. We raised and donated $500 to CHEO. We chose CHEO because when our triplets were only months old they were hospitalized with Bronchioltis and the entire CHEO team and support systems were so impactful in our life. Then it grew and grew and grew! We decided that Nonna's Famous Pizza Box was meant to be a full time Social Enterprise and ultimately another one of my "pride and joys". 


 Nonna's Famous Inc. has been developed from Nonnas Famous Pizza Box, which started to collect funds for local charities and in return provided quality DIY gourmet pizza kits and products.  Since day one, a genuine love and passion for quality service and products has defined who we are and what we do. We are now a full blown Social Enterprise, we operate as any other local small business BUT we are committed to donating 30% of proceeds from every sale to organizations, charities, clubs, sports teams and even schools in our community. Let's be real, the past few years have been hard for all of us. Now is the time to pull up and come together.

It takes a village.

Our village is kind, compassionate and purpose driven! WE THANK YOU for the IMPACTFUL choice you make and have on our entire community.