Wood Sage+ Sea Salt Candle

Wood Sage+ Sea Salt Candle

Elegant musk and soft floral top notes boosted by citrus middle notes with sensual woody amber bottom notes by The Good Home Company Newburgh.


$2 of each candle sale with go to the NICU at Kingston General Hospital.


8 oz.

- trim your wick to 1/4" prior to each use this should reduce mushrooming of the wick ​

- do not burn in high traffic areas, or areas with a draft or vent to avoid sooting ​ - allow your candle to always form a full melt pool, soy wax has memory and will continue to burn in the same direction. If you do not allow the melt pool to reach the edge, this can cause tunnelling ​

- do not exceed 4 hour burn time ​

- smother your wick instead of blowing it out ​


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